Monday, 1 November 2010

Bz week...

Sori yea frens.... this week might be bz for me to update any new story due to the biggest IPO issued starting today until 9th November.

So, frens out there... if you intereted to make for the long-term investment please.... please... apply for this share named PETRONAS CHEMICAL. The issue price is RM 5.05 but the final price will determine after the book-buliding process.

Kindly forward me any enquiries regarding this if you're interested even you're not my clients. don't worry... I will be happy to assist you frens... as SHARING IS CARING!


Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

Wah...mmg bz bff aku sorang nie yer.

Ha..pasal IPO tu kan...our dept. pun bz kan...especially fund managerlah.

.:nhalilah:. said...

bizi bee ye kak???

hehehe.. saya tak pandai bab2 cenggini..

Nur a.k.a admansyah said...

ye lar.. the biggest 4 tis year katakan...

Takpe.. kalo one day minat ker, meh jumpe ahkak yea!

♥Leily|Ummi Alya Husna♥ said...

bz ek.. sama lol,
bulan bz ne, meeting pas cheros!!!
nk plak MAHA de akhir bln ni..
aduh, masih de baki peruntukan 25k lg, mau diabeskan b4 15.12. ni, huhuhuhu.. =P