Tuesday, 4 March 2008

My Adam Nazrin

Atas katil ibu....
Ni I letak Adam kat dapur nampak view outside, tapi suka die dok kat sini tapi.... tak leh selalu! Nanti jiran report... naya!
As I promise... this few pics are the latest from Adam. Actually, he's not feeling well becoz of the weather. Coughing and flu...... perkara biasa bagi bb especially yg dok kat nursery. Sooorrbb... no choice for working mum like me! So, for those housewife cum homemaker out there.... u're lucky! It's not that I'm jealous.... I wish that we have to accept the `Takdir' and enjoy our life! I enjoy working even sometimes I felt sooo.... boring and fed-up at my office. And of course..... I love of being a mother! I feel wonderful and no words can describe my feeling, my mind. I try to be a good mother of my 3A and good wife when I at home. I cooked for dinner and weekend. Hmm... petang nie nak masak apa daa....? pasar malam-lah pulak.... yea darling?!!