Friday, 30 December 2011

WelCoMe 2012 !

Pejam celik.. pejam celilk dah nak abis 2011. Muncul pula thn baru & azam baru. Kowang ada pasan angan2 utk 2012? or.. planning for 2011 yg tak kesampaian will be carry forward to 2012? hehe... I ader berangan sket tp.... takut tak jadi so.... tunggu & lihat jer lah! :-p

Year 2012 short story :

For Aisyah - she's one the prefect for SKWJ so... this weekend ayah & ibu baru sibuk nk cari uniform biru + vest + tudung blue + kasut hitam/blue black & bla.. bla.. Also, she's a big girl now and more sensitive so... mmg kene alert sket takut kecik ati plak die!

For Aiman - He's going to be std 2 and nothing much to add but.... looking at his shoes... OMG! need to change at least 2 pairs! huhhh... Bak kata Aisyah, "tu lar... suka sgt main Ice Cream Soda!" (men pijak2 kasut....) adoiiii larrr. Dak nie plak... smkn `nottie' so... kene control lebih sket & kene bykkn amalan doa! InsyaAllah...

For the little boy named Adam - 1st time kindie! b4 this only staying at Taska Shaz without any basic knowledge but at least he know ABC till Z, recognize the numbers frm 1-10 (tp kene tgk jam dulu...) and recite Al-fatihah & simple2 doa! I already registered him at `The Little Caliphs' yg br bukak cwgn at Wangsa Maju, Seksyen 6. Hope he can adapt all the learning stage & new environment easily :-))

For myself - Need to concentrate on studies which is going to be 3rd semester on nx Jan. The subjects are more challenging and MOST Difficulty is.... the location changed to PJ! adoiii.... camaner nk gi class nih? LRT or drive??? kau meng arrr!!!!

Plan 2012 utk I & hubby plak... (ishhh, td cam tk nk bgtaw!):
~~~ teringin nak ber-HoneyMoon sempena our 11th Anniversary nx month! InsyaAllah.... (harap2 My abe nie ada baca & fulfill my wishlist!)~~~ err... font pun dh kecik sbb takut x jd... huhu