Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bye2 Clifford...

Mcm biase... bila dh lama tk update blog, so mmg byk noooo citer yg tertunggak! Ni citer 31 jan 2013. Rileks arrr.... `masih panas' lagiiii :-P

My 2 years team mate leaved us! So sad.... just becouse of `couldn't reach target'. Die rase rendah diri even aku dh pujuk die utk teruskan usaha. Nk wat camner....

Bye Clifford! Hope you may find a better job out there.... All d best Bro!

Ops! lupe nk introduce... from left :
Jin Li (most sexiest lady in RFS.. HaHaHa), Suren, Azree, me, Clifford and Chrisse.

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