Monday, 3 November 2008

My mum came to KL

Yes... since last Thursday my mum was here but yesterday she went back to Kuantan already. My mum nie... bkn selalu dtg KL pun... ada special ocassion or something yg memerlukan my mum, baru-lah she was here! And last 30th Oct was my cousin's daughter wedding.... our 1st wed for the 4th generation.... kiree 2nd cousin to 3A-lah!

My mum was alone and reached KL around 6 pm then fetched by my cousin's husband at Tmn GreenWood, Gombak. That nite, they held a nikah ceremony and simple reception (sanding ringkas coz majlis Resepsi sbnr next week...). So, my mum call and ask me to join her but sorry couldn't join becoz d next day (fri-31 Oct) Aisyah had to go to school at morning session. After office hour on last Friday, then we met my mum at my auntie's house (umah fav my mum kalo dtg KL nie...).

Yesterday, we send my mum to the bus station (my mum suka tunggu kat hentian Gombak) and hope to see u mum next week yaa...? Love u mum... muaahhss!

(aku sbnr-nya... teringin nak tulih karangan BI coz this week my doter peksa! eke..kekeh..)

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Ayong said...

sekali sekala wat karangan bi...syok jugak ek..hehehehehe

camner perasaan anak nak peksa ni kak?