Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dah lama tak buat Tag

hmm... dah kena TAG!!! so... kena jwab-lah! Anyway, thanks to Cik Puan Nurul yg telah sudi (ewaaahhh... cam ucapan plak!) menge-Tag gue! To tell the truth... I`ve been done this last time... maybe 2-3 years ago! but.. never mind... I'll do it again laling...

1) Do you think you are hot?
No. Now in the office.... very cold.
But, if other meaning of HOT (sexy maybe) Yesss... for Mr Hubby eyes only!

2) Upload the ID picture you're using nowdy

3)Tell something about the pictures
It was taken at my office maybe last year(2010)... by myself using my Samsung hp

4) When was the last time you ate chicken?
Smlm...@ Ayam Penyet Best, Ampang Park with office-mates

5) Last song that you listen to?
Lagu merapu Mat Salih @ SinarFM (tajuk tak ingat daaa...)

6) Why did you do apart from trying to settle this tag?
Think where to eat! (jap agi kol 12.30...)

7) What are your nicknames or other names?

Admansyah - stand for Adam, Aiman & Aisyah

Lenny - the special name called by my friends started from primary school until UUM

Nur - bile dah keje, tukar... ask colleagues to call me NUR (dah matured kan...)

Anyah - mum, dad, siblings & relatives

8) Tag 8 persons -(1) Alin, (2) Cho Zila, (3) Izan, (4) NHalilah, (5) Dilla, (6) Leily, (7) Mimi, (8) MakDaraTerdiva

9)Who is your no. 1
My office-mate but diff dept. She always support me in built up my client base... introduce new clients who wish to finance their ESOS shares. She still young... (below 30's), married with Alan and hv a lovely little princess named Ariana.

10)Write something about no. 5
She is my sister in-law, married with my younger brother and they hv 3 cute kids. Eldest boy is 8 years old, followed by 2nd boy aged 6 years old and the cutest & cubbiest (ade ker word nie?) princess... Nur Fareisya Alia. Her full name is Fadilah, very hard working mum and also involved in online business... AlyaBoutique . So, kowang kalu nk carik tudung/ telekung... leh order kt sini yea!

12)How about no. 4? One of my cyber fren... know each other thru blogging. Having 2 notti boys is not easy to handle... but I respect her as she always balance her working life and always cooked for her family! Don't b surprise... she's expert in Western Food taw!!!

13)Message for no. 6? To Leily, I think u hv done this TAG b4... so need to do. I add your name here becoz u're such a wonderful sis here... @ my cyber life!

14) Words of love for no. 2? Zilaaaaaa, I love your story!!! where r u??? y not update lately.....

15)Does no 7 and 8 has similarities? Ha.. ha.. I try to group both of you in the sense that.... always up-to-date! Fresh story... & I really enjoy their life-style (eventhough uols r not same background)

16)Give 5 facts you know about No. 1 (ops... Alin, kalo salah tlg betulkan!)

1- work @OSK, 2- Husband work as a teacher, 3- Doter named Ariana Sofia... wht a lovely name!, 4-higher `status' than me (so... takyah resign-lah!), 5- pretty mum (Alin, serious talk... I admire your appearence! bertuah Alan...)

18)Feeling when doing this tag? Ya Allah... cepat-lah abissss!

19) Do you know that Rizman is sengal?
20)Gay or les?None of the above
- Both Q's not related to me!

*** For those list that I TAG... I'm not forcing uols to do this TAG! just want to let uols know... how far I hv known uols... and I really appreciate that we're together... here as blogger!


Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

Glad that u dah buat tag nie..thanks laling. Seronok baca!

Biler kita nk berdating berdua2an nie...jom..jom..jom.

arLene said...

alaa...malunyer akak cakap gitu. thanks lerr...betul, semuanya betul.(part yang cantik tuh pun betul.huargh3.perasan!)

Nur a.k.a admansyah said...

biler ekk ms yg sesueiiii??? kite tgk citer NUR KASIH (movie) nak? nanti.. jgn lupa bw tisu yea!:)

hehehe... dah mmg betul... apa salahnya memuji sesama kaum pun! Haaa... tunggu apa lagi? buat-lah Tag tur yea!

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

Okey...okey...nanti kita block calendar masing2 yer.

Kita gi Wangsa Walk Mall pulak nak? dekat dgn rumah masing2.

Nur a.k.a admansyah said...

oraiiiittt! No problemo...

kita tungguuuuu.....